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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The New Genie LED Light Bulb For Your Garage Door Operator


A few years ago we had a blog post explaining how LED and low energy fluorescent bulbs could cause interference with your garage door operator remotes. The problem with most of those bulbs is that they aren't made for garage door operators and they are cheaply made. The rattling and movement of the operator can cause the internal components of those bulbs to break. When they break they will still light up but they can also transmit a frequency that blocks the radio signal being sent from the remote.

Genie has solved those problems with the new LEDB1-R Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulb. The bulb is specifically made for garage door operators and will work in almost any operator. Here are some of the specifics of the LEDB1-R:
  • Brightness - 800 lumens (equivalent to 60 watts)
  • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost - $1.07 per year (based on 3hrs day / .11/kWh)
  • Life - 22.8 years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • Light Appearance - warm (3000 k)
  • Energy Used - 10 watts
  • Mercury Free
The bulb puts out the equivalent to 60 watts which is plenty for most garages. It is also vibration resistant and tested to withstand temperatures up to -22F. This LED bulb is made for garage door operators will probably outlast the operator itself with a life expectancy of 22.8 years! Most garage door operators have a life expectancy of 10-15 years.

Do you want a light bulb that's made for your operator and you'll probably never have to replace again (at least until you have to replace the operator itself)? The Genie LEDB1-R LED Light Bulb is the answer. You can purchase and find out more about the bulb here at the Garage Door Zone.


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