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Friday, July 18, 2008

Marantec Mac Lift Deluxe 2005 and Elite 2007 Series Openers

Do you happen to own a Marantec Mac Lift Deluxe 2005 Series or Elite 2007 Series garage door opener? Are you looking for a replacement remote? Well, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that Marantec no longer makes the remotes for these openers. The good news is that you don't have to junk your garage door opener - there is a solution.

The Mac Lift Series of operators came equipped with a 40MHz (or 433MHz) radio receiver and remotes . Somewhere along the line Marantec decided to manufacture two new models of operators - the M-Line and Q-Line. At this point they had three main models in the line and decided three was too many (this is my theory). They stopped production of the Mac Lift series of openers and the use of the 40MHz (433MHz and 390MHz) radio receivers and remotes. What are all the Mac Lift owners to do for new remotes? Not to worry. Marantec came up with a solution.

The 75424 Plug-In Radio Receiver. I know I've written about this receiver before but I get A LOT of questions pertaining to the Mac Lift openers so I figured it would be best to have a separate blog. The plug-in radio receiver is just that - it plugs in to an electrical outlet. You then run two wires (bell wire which is included) from the receiver to the back of the powerhead. If you plug the receiver in the ceiling where the opener is plugged in then you're only going to use about 3 feet of wire. After you have it hooked up, you press the program button on the plug-in receiver, then press the button on the M3-2312 Remote control (included) and PRESTO! or SHAZAMM! your done. You now have a working remote for your Mac Lift opener.

The Marantec External Plug-In Radio Receiver utilizes the 315MHz radio frequency. This is the same frequency that their newer models use plus almost every other manufacturer in the garage door opener industry uses. It's a good solid unit and should give you the ability to use your opener for many more years.


rdumaran said...

This really works well. The instructions were a little skimpy but was able to figure it out.

Dave said...

What exactly do you mean when you say "You then run two wires (bell wire which is included) from the receiver to the back of the powerhead?" Is there some sort of socket on the powerhead that it plugs into, or is it a terminal block on the powerhead? Does anyone have a copy of the instructions that they could Email to me?
Will the kit allow a second remote to also be used, in addition to the one supplied with the kit?

Thank You. Dvae. Email:

Brian said...

Dave...one end of the bell wire is inserted into the bottom of the Plug-in Radio Receiver. The other end is inserted into Terminal #3 and Terminal #4 on the powerhead (if you follow the wires from your wall station they will also be in Terminals #3 & #4).

You can add additional remotes to the Plug-in Receiver as needed.

Feel free to email us at: store@garagedoorzone.com if you have any other questions.

James Joseph said...

I recently purchased a house with 3 MacLift openers. Unfortunately, the opener for the main door is missing.
I ordered the 75424 Plug-In Radio Receiver and was able to get one to work. I ran into problems when trying to program the second button for opener #2. It di dnot work and caused the button #1 to stop working as well.
I also noticed that the (wired) doorbell button does not function when the 75424 receiver is connected.
Any thoughts on this?

Brian said...

James...You only installed one Plug-in Receiver? If that's the case then the remote you programmed into it will only work with that Plug-in Receiver....you can't program the 2nd button into the other openers unless they also had Plug-in Receivers.
It sounds like you'll need to reprogram the remote back into the Plug-in receiver.
As far as your wall station - check your wires. The two slots in the opener where the Plug-in Receiver wires go are the same slots that the two wires for the wall station go. It sounds like the wires came out.
Hope this helps. Feel free to email us at Store@GarageDoorZone.com if you need any more help.


I have a Maclift 2005 that will not open with the remote but will open with wall button. Wall button light is flashing and #7 on opener is flashing. Same remote we have always used with new batteries.

Brian said...

Hi Tony

It sounds like the Vacation (lockout) button on the wall station has been pressed (it locks out the remotes when engaged). Press the button again for a few seconds to disable it. The remotes should then work again.

Pamela Garcia said...

I unplugged the old receiver and plugged in the new one. I used the two wires that were connected to the old receiver, put them inside the terminals and programmed the remote. I feel the plug in unit switching when I press the remote button which makes me believe it's programmed correctly but the garage does nothing. I can still open and close it from the door bell switch. Any help will be appreciated.

Brian said...

Hi Pamela,

Try reversing the wires that you put into the receiver. If the receiver is making a clicking noise when you press the remote then the remote is programmed. If the operator doesn't respond then it's most likely a wiring issue. If reversing the wires in the receiver doesn't do anything then check the two wires going into the terminals in the operator & make sure they are in the whole way & making good contact.

Hope this helps.