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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Marantec M3-631 Keyless Entry Programming Instructions

We've had a lot of requests for various programming instructions and I've emailed tons of people with the instructions but it's getting a little overwhelming. So we're going to start publishing some of the most requested instructions on the blog. If you're still confused or have questions feel free to email us at: store@garagedoorzone.com and we'll be happy to help you the best we can.

Update: You can now view and download the instructions by going to the Garage Door Zone Support Manuals site.

UPDATE 03/01/14: The M3-631 Keyless Entry has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the M13-631 Keyless Entry. You can see the new M13-631 Wireless Keypad here at the Garage Door Zone Store and see how much they've improved the keyless entry. 

Below are the programming instructions for the Marantec M3-631 Wireless Keyless Entry

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