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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Replacing A Marantec Mac-Lift Garage Door Opener Remote

Marantec Mac Lift III garage door opener
Marantec Mac Lift Opener
We have covered this before but we still get a lot of inquiries about replacement remotes for the Marantec Mac-Lift garage door openers so we figured it was time to cover the topic again. An easy solution to a common problem with Marantec Maclift III garage door openers.

ML-1401V Remote
The Marantec Mac-Lift garage door openers were (Marantec no longer offers the Mac-Lift model opener) available in two models: the MacLift III Deluxe 2005 and the MacLift III Elite 2007. Both models came standard with a 40MHz frequency radio receiver and remote. Unfortunately with the end of the Mac-Lift openers came the end of the 40MHz frequency remotes and keyless entry. Marantec no longer offers any of the 40MHz remotes: ML-1401V, ML-1402V and ML-1404V. The ML-640 keyless entry keypad has also been discontinued. So called "universal" remotes found in stores that claim to work with everything will not work with Marantec openers. There is a solution though....


75424 Marantec Radio Receiver Set
75424 Marantec Radio Receiver Set
There is a solution! Marantec offers a replacement radio receiver set that hooks up to your Mac-Lift garage door opener. The #75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set is a simple solution and much cheaper than having to buy a whole new garage door operator. The plug-in radio receiver does just that...it plugs into an
electrical outlet near the garage door opener. You then connect two wires from the plug-in receiver to the back of the garage door opener. Then you press the program button on the plug-in receiver and press the button on the new remote. That's it...not much to it. A simple solution and you'll get many more years out of your Mac Lift garage door opener.

The #75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set comes complete with: One 75424 Plug-in radio receiver, one (1) 382 Digital 2-Button 315MHz Remote, 2-strand bell wire and installation instructions. Everything you need in one box. If you have a two bay garage and have Marantec Mac Lift garage door openers on both garage doors then you would need a separate 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set for each operator.

Additional 382 Digital 2-button Remotes , 384 Digital 4-button Remotes or M3-3313 Micro Remotes can be added to 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver. A wireless keypad can also be added. The Marantec  M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad is the latest version.

Marantec M13-631 Keypad
To program the keyless entry you'll use a programmed remote to transfer the code from the remote to the additional keyless and add your 4-digit pin number. It's actually pretty simple. The only problem is that once the keyless is programmed you'll notice a delay every time you use the keyless entry - you have to hold your finger on the enter key after you enter your 4-digit pin for 4 or 5 seconds before the opener will run. This can be a little bit of a pain if you're in a hurry but that's the way the keyless works with the plug-in receiver.

For more info or to purchase the Marantec 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set, 382 Digital Remote, 384 Digital Remote, M3-3313 Micro Remote or M13-631 Wireless Keypad visit the Garage Door Zone Store here.

*Post updated 04/20/19


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