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Sunday, April 7, 2013

41A4885-2 Gear Assembly for Raynor 1280RGD Aviator Opener

The gear assembly in the Raynor 1280RGD Aviator garage door operator can wear out or break over time. The good news is that the operator can be fixed.

The replacement 41A4885-2 Gear Assembly is for the Raynor 1280RGD Aviator operator (mfg before 2002). If you happen to have a newer 2280RGD or 3280RGD Aviator operator then you'll need the 41A4885-5 Gear Assembly.

With a little time and patience you should be able to have your operator fixed in an hour or two by following the installation instructions.

Visit the Garage Door Zone Store to purchase the 41A4885-2 Gear Assembly

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