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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Home: Garage Storage and Organization

The garage used to be the place where you parked your car but it has now become the catchall storage room of the home. Without thought the garage can become cluttered with kids toys, bikes, lawn equipment, holiday displays, and tools to the point where a car can't even fit in the garage. With some organization, a few shelving units, a couple of storage boxes and little patience everything can have a "home" and become the most organized room of the home.

If you have a wall in the garage that isn't being used except to hold up a ladder then you should try a  RacorPro PLM-1R Multi-Rack Space Saving Wall-Mounted Storage System. This will get the ladder off the floor and give you a couple of extra places on the rack for other items.   
Get those heavy boxes and holiday decorations off the floor with the 
Racor PHL-1R HeavyLift Garage Storage System. This is a great way to get the clutter up off of the floor especially for those items that you hardly ever use.

Bikes laying in the middle of the garage? Get them off the floor and hang them on the wall with the Gorgeous Garage MONKEY5 Monkey Bars Small Bike Rack. It's easy to install and will hold three bikes.

Don't forget about those brooms and shovels standing in the corners. Give them a home by hanging them on the wall and out of the way.

Take a little bit of time before you get started. Figure out exactly where you want to store stuff and then buy the appropriate organizational systems. You probably have things stored in the garage that you never use (and probably never will). Sell, give away or throw away the things that are just clutter and no longer of use to you. After the garage gets organized and all the stuff has a home you just might get that car back into the garage.

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