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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Marantec M4500 & M4700 Openers - Programming The Garage Door Remote

Below are instructions on programming a garage door remote to the Marantec model M4500 and model M4700 operators. You'll only use the instructions below if you don't have any remotes programmed to the operator. The Marantec operators can only hold the code of one remote. Additional remotes copy the code of the one programmed remote so if you are looking to program additional remotes check out the blog post Programming Marantec Remote Video here. However, what do you do if you don't have an existing remote (perhaps you lost it or you just moved into the home and they didn't leave you a remote). Here's a rundown on how to program a new remote by using the buttons on the powerhead (motor) unit on the ceiling.

Marantec M4700 Operator

Marantec M4500 Operator

Here is what the programming buttons look like on the powerhead that you will use to program the remote:

Program the remote into the opener powerhead by using the "+", "-", and "P" buttons on the powerhead. Here is a rundown on how to program the remote using the buttons on the powerhead unit on the ceiling. You should see 3 red buttons:  "+"button / "-"button / "P" button. There are also 8 numbered red LED lights.

TO PROGRAM A REMOTE (or make/change any adjustment):
Press and hold the "P" button for approximately 2 seconds. When
all LEDs illuminate and LED #2 begins to blink, release the button.
You are now ready to set or change the desired adjustment.

Press and release the "P" button until the #7 LED is illuminated

LED #7 should be blinking. The opener can now learn the code
of the hand-held transmitter. While LED#7 is blinking, press and
hold the button on the transmitter.

When you see LED #7 flashing rapidly, you can release the transmitter button. The
opener has now learned the particular code of this transmitter.

Once the opener has successfully received the code from the
transmitter, press and release the "P" button. This stores the
code in memory. It also completes the adjustment setting
sequence, and completes the program process. The LEDs will
automatically fade out in a circular pattern, which indicates that
the program mode is complete.
LED #8 should now be illuminated, and the opener is ready for

 And that's how you program a remote to either the Marantec M4500 or M4700 operator. Remember if  you need to program additional remotes you can see the video on how to use the programming jumper here.

Do you need a new remote for your operator? You can purchase the Digital 382 Marantec remote here (it replaces the old discontinued M3-2312 remote). In the market for a wireless keyless entry? You can find the Marantec M13-631 Keyless Entry here.

Digital 382 Remote

M13-631 Keyless Entry


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