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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Marantec Digital 382 Remote Replaces M3-2312 Remote

At the end of 2016 Marantec introduced the new Digital 382 2-button Remote. Marantec discontinued the M3-2312 2-button remote.
Digital 382 Remote

Here is the new Marantec Digital 382 2-button Remote.
It functions and programs the same as the old M3-2312
Remote. It is slightly thinner and has two buttons that can
be programmed to two different Marantec operators. It also
has a red LED light on the front that glows when either
old M3-2312 Remote
button is pushed. It also has a visor clip on the back of
the remote.

One minor difference between the Digital 382 Remote
and the M3-2312 Remote is that the new remote doesn't
have the small hole near the bottom of the remote that
the M3-2312 Remote did. Not a big deal but some
homeowners would use that hole to attach the remote
to a keychain. We recommend that you purchase the
M3-3313 Remote if you wish to put the remote on a

The remote works on the current 315MHz frequency that the Marantec operators use (which is the same frequency the M3-2312 used).

The Digital 382 2-button Marantec Remote is now available and can be purchased at the Garage Door Zone Store.


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