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Friday, July 4, 2008

Raynor Garage Door Opener Light Cover Replacement

I know it sounds boring (ok it is boring) but we get a lot of questions on what to do about discolored or broken light covers. The light covers or globes on electric openers break or turn yellow and need replaced at some point during the life of the opener. Half of the garage door opener owners out there don't care if there's a light cover on their opener or not - as long as the door goes open and closed. The other half likes to take special care of their openers and don't want any defects in the unit - they want the machines to look as good as they run.Raynor Garage Door Opener Light Cover

A lot of opener light covers will turn a yellowish color over many years of use and the plastic becomes brittle. Or while the light bulb is being changed it drops on the floor and breaks. A new light cover can really brighten up the opener and the garage. It will also help protect the light bulbs from being broke.

If you have a newer style Raynor garage door opener (newer styles started in 2001 and have a curved cover - older styles were square or rectangular) then the 108D79 Light Cover should "cover" your needs (cheesy pun intended). These light cover (or globes as some like to call them) will work on the following Raynor openers:
  • Aviator
  • Ultra
  • Endeavor
  • Pilot
  • Navigator
If you have one of the older Aviator or Pilot openers (2001 or older) then you'll need one of the rectangular 108D34 light covers. These also fit the Liftmaster opener models: 1050, 1150, 1250, 1265, 1270, 1280 and 1280R.

If you have a Raynor Commander opener (manufactured from 2002 to 2010) then the 108D78 Light Cover will be the one you want. It will not fit the newer Commander II operator.

If you have an older Raynor Navigator opener (model 1245RGD or 1255RGD) then the 108D36 Light Cover will work. This one will also be compatible with Liftmaster opener models: 1040, 1045, 1055, 1140, 1145, 1155, 1240, 1245, 1255, 1046, 1146, 1246, 1256 and 1256R. This isn't a complete list of models covered.

What if you have an older Raynor operator like the R150?  Unfortunately Raynor has stopped offering replacement light covers for these openers and there are no alternatives available. These models include:  R-Series operators (R100, R110, R120, R130, R150, R160 and R170).

That about "covers" it (sorry couldn't resist). Not much to it but it should answer those burning questions about opener light covers. If you do have any other questions please feel free to drop us an email.


pott4069 said...

Do you know where I can get a later model Raynor Commander series light cover. Pre 2002? Thank you

Brian said...

The light covers for the older Commander operators were discontinued and are no longer available. Sorry.