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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Liftmaster #375LM Universal Remote

Liftmaster has introduced a new universal 2-button remote control. You're probably asking yourself - "How does this benefit me?". Well, the best thing about this remote is that you can control two different operators that have two different frequencies (they can also be from different manufacturers). It's the new Liftmaster #375LM Universal 2-Button Remote Control.

Say you have two garage door openers and one of them no longer works and it would be too costly to repair (or parts are no longer available to fix it). So you decide to put a brand new opener in (say a Linear or Liftmaster opener) but you don't want to replace the other operator (why should you - it still works). The only problem is the old opener has an older 310MHz frequency radio receiver on it and the new opener has a 315MHz frequency radio receiver. In the "old days" you would have to have two separate remotes to control both operators but not anymore. Liftmaster developed a single remote that can control two separate radio frequencies. All you have to do is program the one button of the remote into your new opener and the other button into your old opener.

The remote is compatible with the following manufacturers and frequencies:
  • Genie®
  • Linear/Moore-o-Matic®
  • Stanley®
  • Overhead Door®
  • Wayne-Dalton®
  • Craftsman®
  • Chamberlain®
  • LiftMaster®
The following frequencies can be used with the remote:

300/310/315/372/390 MHz systems

I have to admit when I first saw the programming instructions for the Liftmaster #375LM Remote I was a little shocked - it looked like it was going to be a huge undertaking. It wasn't though. Once I figured out which frequency of openers I wanted to program the other parts of the instructions are pretty much ignored and I followed the instructions for a particular unit. It wasn't difficult.

So there you have it. A unique remote that can solve a few different problems. Weather you need to replace a remote for an old opener or you need a remote that works with both newer and older operators, the Liftmaster #375LM Universal Remote seems to fit the bill.

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