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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marantec M3-631 Keyless Cover

Marantec M3-631 Keyless Entry CoverSometimes with use things tend to break. Well, with the Marantec M3-631 Wireless Keyless Entry the weak spot seems to be the cover that closes over the numeric keypad. With use and exposure to the elements the cover can crack or break so the tabs no longer stay in the holes and you're left with either taping the cover on or replacing it. Fortunately the covers are inexpensive and look a lot better than duct tape.

UPDATE: The M3-631 Keyless Entry has been discontinued by Marantec along with the replacement cover and neither are available. If your M3-631 Keyless is broke or worn out then you should replace it with the new Marantec M13-631 Keyless Entry found here.

New Marantec M13-631 Keyless Entry

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