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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Raynor Opener Replacement Belt

Raynor Garage Door Opener V-belt
Where do you get a replacement belt for your Raynor opener? Now we're not talking about the new style of belt drive system on some of the newer openers. We're talking about the v-belt that is found in the older Raynor R-series of garage door operators.

If you have one of the following Raynor garage door opener models then it will have a 3L-310 v-belt in it:
  • R100
  • R110
  • R120
  • R130
  • R150
  • R160
  • R170
These were well built units. There wasn't much to them but they did the job. Unfortunately Raynor stopped making the R-series of openers in the 1990's. It's too bad because as far as openers go they seemed to do a great job - open and close the garage door. They didn't have all the bells and whistles that the newer openers have but they also didn't have some of the problems the newer openers have.

If you have an R-series Raynor garage door opener I would recommend keeping it. Upkeep on them is very minimal. Lube & tighten the chain once in a while. Replace the 3L-310 v-belt when it seems worn. Maybe replace the remote if it wears out. If you do this then you should get many years of service out of it.

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