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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Raynor Garage Door Opener Remotes - Part I

Raynor Garage Door Operator Remotes
Need a remote for your Raynor garage door opener? If the answer is yes then we need to determine which opener you have first so you can get the correct remotes. The following information is only for these Raynor operators:
  • Pilot 1/2 h.p. opener
  • Navigator 1/3 h.p. opener
  • Endeavor 3/4 h.p. opener
  • Commander 1/2 h.p. opener
  • Aviator 1/2 h.p. opener
  • Ultra 3/4 h.p. opener
Note: if you have a Raynor Flitestar opener or one of the Raynor "R" Series openers (R150, R160, R170) you'll have to wait until I write about those another time or email me if you have a question. There's a lot of information to cover on remotes for those openers that I just can't cover now.
377LM Wireless Keyless Entry
The newest Raynor garage door openers have a radio frequency of 315MHz so the only remotes to work with them will be the number "3" series of remotes - #371LM 1-button Remote, #373RGD 3-button remote and #377LM Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad. You can determine if you need a 315MHz remote by looking on the back of an existing transmitter if you have one. The model number will be stamped on the back. If you don't have a remote then you'll have to look at the powerhead to find the frequency. Look on the back of the powerhead unit on the ceiling (you may have to take the light cover off depending on which model of opener you have). You should see a small square purple button - this is the program button. If you see a purple button then you will need the 315MHz radio transmitters. If you see a red program button then read on.

The slightly older Raynor garage door openers have the same model names as listed above bRaynor Garage Door Opener Remotesut they are 390MHz frequency. If you see a red program button on the back of the powerhead unit then you will need the number "9" series of remotes - #971RGD 1-button Remote, #973RGD 3-button Remote and the new #877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad which replaces the 976LM Keyless Entry.

That covers the Raynor garage door openers from the past 10 years or so. If you have one of the Raynor openers from the 1980's to late 1990's then you'll have to email us if you have questions (store@garagedoorzone.com) or wait for the next installment when I cover those openers. Those operators didn't have built-in radio receivers from the manufacturer so it was up to the installing dealers to add the radio receiver of which they could add any number of different receivers. I'll cover the receivers we used over the past 20 years and some tips on finding the right remote for you.

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