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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Raynor Remotes Part II - Flitestar & R-Series Openers

Finally, I can address the other Raynor remotes that people ask about. A month or so ago I addressed remote controls for the newer style of Raynor operators (Pilot, Aviator, Commander, etc.). Now I'm going to cover the remotes for the Raynor Flitestar and R-Series (R110/210, R120/220, R130/230, R150/250, R160/260 and R170/270) garage door operators.

First, the radio receiver for the Flitestar and R-Series of operators is not built into the units like the current operators. This means that the installation company or distributor you got the operator from added the receiver when it was installed. This can cause some problems when trying to help customers because there were many different radio receivers on the market 10 or 20 years ago that the installer could have used so I can't cover them all. I will cover the one's we've used and are still available. If you don't see yours below then the receiver & remotes may or may not still be available. The best thing to do is to email us at: store@garagedoorzone.com and I'll try to help you. Please include the make and model number of the radio receiver attached to the opener (you will probably have to remove the receiver and look on the back for this information).

You can also watch the video below that will help explain what information is needed to locate the correct remote for your garage door opener.

Linear Garage Door Opener Remote
Linear - very common in the 1980's to early 90's. This equipment is still being manufactured. If you have a Linear Delta-3 radio receiver then the Linear DT-1 Remote is what you need. There are 8 DIP switches in the remote that are matched up to the 8 switches on the back of the radio receiver. This was good reliable radio equipment and is still being used by some.
Raynor 971RGD Garage Door Opener RemoteRaynor 973RGD Garage Door Opener RemoteRaynor 63RGD Garage Door Opener Remote
Liftmaster - in the late 80's this equipment started to become popular and is probably the most popular radio equipment on the market today. If you have a model #500RGD (500LM) radio receiver then you'll probably have the #61RGD 1-button remote or #63RGD 3-button remote. These remotes are easy to distinguish by the red LED light on them and the 9 trinary DIP switches in the battery compartment. The 61RGD Remotes are no longer available but you can use the 61LM Remote which is the same. The 63RGD also is no longer available but the 33LM Remote is a compatible replacement.
The next model of remotes by Liftmaster to come out were the #81RGD 1-button and #83LM 3-button remotes. These are the 390MHz "Billion Code" style remotes and worked with the #520RGD and #540RGD radio receivers. They eliminated the DIP switches and incorporated the "Smart Button" technology into the #8xx series of remotes making the programming even easier. The 81RGD and 83LM Remotes are no longer available but a compatible replacement remote would be the 893MAX Remote.
The last Liftmaster model that may have been used on the Raynor R-series or Flitestar operators is the #971RGD 1-button or #973RGD 3-button 390MHz Security + rolling code remotes. These were used for a number of years until the 315MHz frequency remote controls came into use. The 971LM Remote can be used as a replacement for the 971RGD Remote and the 893MAX Remote can be used to replace the 973RGD Remote.

There's a few other makes of radio equipment still being manufactured and may have been used on the older Raynor openers. The Multi-Code #308911 1-button 300MHz remote is made by Linear and is compatible with #109920 Multi-Code radio receiver. The Linear GT-30 Remote is a Genie compatible unit that will work with the 390MHz Genie Pro Intellicode radio receivers from 1996 or newer. The GT30 is also compatible with Overhead Door CodeDodger and Linear AM-RGR access control receivers.

This is by no means all of the radio equipment that's was or is available. Some of the older stuff is discontinued and some of it is still manufactured but isn't that popular. If you don't see your remote control then send us an email (store@garagedoorzone.com) with a description of what you are looking for and include some pictures if you can and we'll try and track it down for you or give you some options.

 Published 09/12/08 Updated 06/22/19


a said...

I have the 61RGD 1-button remote ( http://www.garagedoorzone.com/product.sc?categoryId=40&productId=93 ), and it all of a sudden stopped working. I see that it's 390Mhz, so i'm wondering if I can just replace it with one of the keychain sized learning remotes on Amazon as long as they match the 390Mhz.

Sorry if this is a dumb question - please direct me to another post if you've answered it already.

Brian said...

Not all remotes are interchangeable. Two different manufacturers can have the same frequency (say 390MHz) but their remotes won't be interchangeable. Your best bet is to replace your remote with the same make & model - that way you know it will work.

Feel free to email me at: store@garagedoorzone.com if you have any other questions.

rlmiller1 said...

I have 2 Raynor Safety Signal 91RGD remotes for my 1997 Flitestar opener. One has stopped working, so I replaced it with the Liftmaster 61LM that was recommended to me. Now I can't find the learn/smart button to program it. I'm also not sure what that would do to our other remote.

Brian said...

rlmiller1...there should be a radio receiver mounted to the back of the operator. Right above the white bar on the radio receiver is a small rectangular door. Pop that access door off with a small screwdriver and you will see the program button inside.