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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Garage Door Question of the Week - Keyless Entry Instructions - Week 34

Garage Door Question of the Week - Keyless Entry Instructions

Every week we answer common questions about garage doors and garage door operators that we receive in our mailbag. If you have a question please email us at: Support@GarageDoorZone.com.

Q: I need instructions on how to reprogram my keypad remote. It doesn't remember my password any longer and the change password instructions don't work. Where can I find programming instructions? - Tom  

 A: Great question Tom. We all do it - we buy a new product and throw the instructions in a drawer. Then when you really need them you can't find them. Not to worry though - Garage Door Zone has a Support Site with a lot of different programming instructions and installation manuals (and we're always trying to add more). Visit the Garage Door Zone Support Site and look up the keyless entry, remote or garage door opener you need the instructions for. If you don't see the particular set of instructions you need send us an email (support@GarageDoorZone.com) and we'll try to get it uploaded for you. 

Thanks again for the questions. Keep them coming by emailing us at: Support@GarageDoorZone.com or use the Contact Form on the left. 

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