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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Install A New Remote On Your Old Garage Door Opener

Do you have an old garage door opener with beat up remotes that no longer work? The operator still works fine but the remotes are no longer available? Well here's a simple solution - install a new radio receiver and remote with the 635LM Plug-in Radio Receiver Package.


The package includes one (1) 635LM Liftmaster Universal Plug-in Radio Receiver and one (1) 61LM 1-button Remote (but you can add as many remotes as you need). The installation is simple: run two wires from the receiver to the operator. Attach the two wires to the operator (to the same place on the operator that the two wires to your wall button are attached). Plug the receiver into an electrical outlet. Press the program button on the receiver. Then press the button on the remote control. That's it. You now how have a working remote for your garage door opener.

Don't go out a buy a whole new garage door operator when all you need is a new remote. Install a new 635LM Universal Radio Receiver with Remote Package today!

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