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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Raynor Replaces The Pilot Opener With The Pilot II

Raynor has discontinued the Pilot 1/2 h.p. residential operator and introduced the new Pilot II 1/2 h.p. residential operator. The operator itself looks the same as the old model and is still a 1/2 h.p. chain drive unit but the big difference is that it is now equipped with the MyQ technology. The opener comes packaged with two (2) 893RGX 3-button remotes and one (1) 877 Keyless Entry.

With the new MyQ technology you'll be able to open and close your garage door with your smartphone or computer by adding the 828LM Internet Gateway accessory to the opener. You can also add the 829LM Garage Door Monitor so you can tell if your garage door is open or closed from the comfort of your bedroom (or any room you choose to put the monitor).

With the introduction of the Pilot II opener Raynor now has six residential garage door operators with MyQ technology built into the logic boards: Prodigy II, Ultra II, Admiral II, Aviator II, Pilot II and Corporal II. The Raynor Airman operator is the only operator in the Raynor residential lineup that is not MyQ compatible unless an 888LM MyQ Wall Station is added to the unit.

All of the residential operators currently in the Raynor line up (including the Airman model) can use the 893RGX remote and the 877 Keyless Entry.


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