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Friday, March 13, 2015

Replacing The Remote For Your Garage Door Opener

It happens. You put the garage door remote in your coat pocket and forget about it. You sell your old vehicle and forget to take the remote out. You drop the remote on the driveway and it breaks into a million pieces. It happens....

The best solution is to buy the exact replacement for the remote you lost or broke. This way you know it will work with your operator. You can find many of the most common replacement remotes here on the Garage Door Zone site. But if you lost it how do you know which one to buy? Look in the garage door operator manual and you'll usually find the compatible remotes listed on one of the last pages of the manual. What if you don't have the manual? You can find many manuals here on the Garage Door Zone Support Site.

So you found the remote you need but also found that it is no longer available. What do you do now? Install a new radio receiver with a new remote. It's a simple set up with only two wires to hook up and is easy to program by just pushing a button. Take a look here at the Linear MegaCode Universal Receiver Set available on the Garage Door Zone site. It includes everything you need to get you up and running again.



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