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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Raynor 4" Black Heavy Duty Bottom Garage Door Seal

Raynor has recently added the 4" Black Heavy Duty Rubber Bottom Garage Door Seal as an option to their garage doors and it is now available here on the Garage Door Zone site.

The 4" seal is usually used over the 3" seal (the size of the seal is determined by measuring the width of the seal when it lays flat) when a garage door floor is slightly out of level and there's a gap under the door. The 4" seal can help fill in that gap. If the gap between the floor and the garage door is over a 1/4" gap then you'll most likely need to fix the floor.

Raynor 4" Black Heavy Duty Bottom Garage Door Seal
4" Black Heavy Duty Bottom Seal

The 4" Black Heavy Duty Seal is made of EPDM Rubber (similar to the seal around your car doors) and has ribs on one side of the rubber to help make good contact with the garage floor and keep out the elements. If purchased from the Garage Door Zone the seal is cut an extra 4"-6" in length so the extra seal can be tucked back into the retainer. This will keep the seal from sliding out of the retainer over time.

If your garage floor is not out of level but you still want a heavier seal on your door then the 3" Black Heavy Duty Rubber Seal is the way to go. It has the same characteristics as the 4" seal except it is 3" in width so it won't be as bulky. Other options are the 3" Gray Vinyl Seal and the 4" Gray Vinyl Seal with the 3" Gray Vinyl Seal being the standard seal supplied on most Raynor garage doors.

Not sure if this is the right seal for your door? If your existing seal makes a "U" shape when it's installed and has two "T"'s that slide into the seal retainer then this seal may work for you. To be sure you'll need to pull the end of the seal out a little bit and measure one of the "T"'s. All of the seals mentioned above have a 1/4" "T" so if yours measures 1/4" these will work for you. Just measure the width of your garage door and order the correct cut length. Shop now by clicking the More Info button below.


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